Modular Algae Photo-bioreactor

Algae production wall
The purpose of this wall is to design as an interactive system which allows the general public to understand the production cycle of algae. Built in a series of parallel walls, the suspending algae modular system could be constructed below any long span open structure frame. As visitors talking journeys between the walls in their different production cycle, they will begin to understand how algae photo-bioreactor works and their application toward zero carbon bio-fuel.

Algae photo-bioreactor cell
The idea of this concept design is where each individual modular cell join up together to create a large network of algae production system; which could become a part of the building canopy or additional plugin on the roof. This installation will also reduce annual tempurture on upper floors of the installed building, the modular production system will act as thermal buffer zone to reduce direct solar gain.

Tube photo-bioreactor
Tubular photo-bioreactors are very suitable for outdoor mass cultures of algae since they have large illumination surface area. In order to arrange for maximizing sunlight capture, pipe works of this continuous tubular close loop photo-bioreactor is arranged in different angle facing toward the sun path to have maximum production yield; maintenance and services will be held under the polycarbonate shell structure. The space within the photo-bioreactor structure envelope could be function as bus stop or bike shed for the public to engage the production of the algae.